ATS Advantage Conversion

Limited Warranty

Assisted Transportation Systems (ATS), Inc. provides a three year limited warranty which covers modifications and alterations made by ATS during the conversion process. Additionally, ATS provides a six year corrosion warranty. The ATS 3-year limited warranty covers considerable defects in materials and/or workmanship caused by the conversion process. This included the floor pan, ramp assembly and any modified interior components. The 6-year corrosion warranty covers considerable defects caused by rust or corrosion associated with metal fabrication during the conversion process. The 6-year corrosion warranty covers the steel floor pan and ramp assembly system. The ATS limited warranty becomes effective on the date of sale of converted vehicle or date of receipt for van conversions. The ATS limited warranty covers the ATS conversion regardless of mileage during the warranty period.

The ATS limited warranty applies to the original purchaser from ATS only. The ATS limited warranty is non-transferrable. ATS conversions sold by authorized, independent ATS dealers will be covered through that dealer for the duration of the warranty to the first purchaser from the independent dealer. The authorized, independent dealer is responsible for maintaining customer records of the first purchaser and providing ATS with pertinent documentation related to that purchase in order for the customer to obtain warranty coverage through ATS.

If a considerable defect in material and/or workmanship is noted during the warranty coverage period, ATS will repair or replace any defective parts attributable to the ATS conversion process if those defects are reported to ATS within the stated warranty period. ATS must approve any work performed by anyone not associated with ATS in order for the warranty coverage to apply. For questions or warranty claims contact:

Assisted Transportation Systems, Inc.

238 Development Drive

Columbia, KY 42728



ATS Advantage Conversion

Limited Warranty - Limitations and Exclusions

The ATS limited warranty will be VOID in the event of the following and will therefore release ATS from any obligation under this warranty: collision, neglect, misuse, abuse, accident, unauthorized alterations to the ATS conversion, theft, vandalism, fire, explosion, overloading the conversion, hauling items other than those specified for the conversion, tampering, damage or corrosion from acts of weather (rain, snow, hail, wind), or off-road use.

The ATS limited warranty WILL NOT COVER the following: any defective materials not attributable to the ATS conversion process, defects in materials, any added or altered materials installed/changed on the conversion by anyone other than ATS, normal wear and tear from normal use of the vehicle, routine maintenance, inspections, service, damage caused by elements (rain, wind, condensation, hail, snow, ice), minor imperfections that are only cosmetic and do not hamper the performance of the ATS conversion, damage due to road hazards, misuse, mishandling, abuse, accident, collision, neglect, theft, vandalism, damage or corrosion due to weather, fire, explosion, tire failure, excessive tire wear, road hazards, off-road use, cosmetic damage caused by road hazards or normal wear and tear of the vehicle, overloading the conversion, alteration of the conversion or any other damage or intervening acts not attributed to ATS.

ATS will not honor any warranty beyond that set forth in this limited warranty. Any implied warranty found in state or federal law is limited to that set forth in this limited warranty. ATS prohibits anyone from amending, expanding or modifying this limited warranty in any way. ATS does not cover any warranty made by any outside agent including authorized, independent dealer. Any outside independent agent is in no way considered an ATS agent and thus does not represent ATS in any way. ATS will not cover any incidental or consequential damages such as towing/hauling charges, travel expenses (including lodging), or any other expenses that may occur due to the loss of use of vehicle.